Quick start guide

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to get started and try Bisnodes APIs. By following the steps below you will be able to create an account, subscribe to an API to get access key and manage your subscriptions.

Step 1: Create an account
Create a free developer account to get started and try APIs. When you register at Bisnode Developer Portal, your email need to be verified. Once confirmed you are ready to log in with your email address as your user ID and your established password.

    Step 2: Subscribe to your first API
    Once you are logged in, you will be able to browse and subscribe to APIs. API Subscription is done by choosing an API and clicking on the subscribe button. All your subscriptions are listed on the Subscriptions page.

    • Log in to the Developer Portal

    • Go to 'APIs' in the top menu bar and select the API you want to try

    • Subscribe to an API by clicking on the red 'Subscribe to API' button. Once you are successfully subscribed the button will turn to grey subscribed button

    • View and manage your subscriptions by clicking on 'Subscriptions' in the top menu bar

    Step 3: Get API keys
    To make a call to an API, you are going to need an access token.
    You get one by providing your consumer secret with your consumer key, then choose the right scope representing the API (under Scopes) and click on 'Regenerate'. If you don't have a consumer secret to provide, you can get one by clicking on 'Regenerate Secret'. You should keep your consumer secret at a safe place for further uses.

    Step 4: Send your first request
    Once you have generated an access token, you can make your first API call. Go to 'Api Console | Get Access' and make your call. The access token you just generated in step 3 is used as a bearer token in the authorisation header.